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Upcoming Upgrades!- Isolved Time and Attendance



A  week ago, we posted  about our future software upgrade and how it will streamline your payroll. In that email, we discussed several features in our base offering that will help to make your payroll easier.


Today, we are very excited to introduce you to isolved Time and Attendance as an additional feature that you may add to our isolved base offering. If you are already a SwipeClock user, don’t worry! You will still be able to continue using that for your timekeeping.  However, take a moment and check out the benefits of using isolved Time and Attendance below. 


Isolved Time and Attendance:


·         Efficiently tracks time and attendance for your employees, along with labor allocations and shift differentials- all of which automatically roll over into your payroll!


·         Due to the automatic integration, there is no longer a need to upload or import data, reducing errors and saving you time and money!


·         Allows you to quickly schedule your employees as individuals or large groups.


·         Provides more accountability by using enhanced geo fencing capabilities- letting you set the boundaries for clocking in and out for those who work remote or at different job sites.


·         Helps keep your project budgets on track by alerting you and your employees about approaching overtime.


·          Allows your employees to clock in and out with a timeclock, bio scanner, or even on their cell phones. Alerts them to missing punches, so they can be taken care of quickly and efficiently.


·         Employees have quick access to their calendar schedules and can use it to submit time-off requests. 


We are excited to continue sharing more about the isolved upgrade with you. In our next post we’ll highlight the benefits of using isolved onboarding and how it can save time and help streamline your payroll process!


Cathy Young, CPP, SPHR

President/CEO, Owner

Columbia EDP Center, Inc.

Posted Date: 2023-03-16

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