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Upcoming Upgrades!- Payroll Onboarding



Over the last several weeks, you seen blog articles about our future software upgrade and how it will streamline your payroll. Last week we included information about the new isolved Time and Attendance feature that you are able to add to the isolved base offering.


Did you know that on average, HR personnel take up to 10 hours shuffling papers when bringing in each new hire? With that information in mind, we are very excited to introduce you to isolved Onboarding. It is included as part of our base offering and will play an active role in streamlining your payroll, saving you time and money.


isolved Onboarding:


·         Provides electronic document submission and management of all new hires. All employee information is stored in one place, providing less error and redundancy. You customize what is collected, putting your time and energy into the most important information.


·         Consistently updates all government forms that need to be filled out for compliance, including I-9’s and E-verify. You will never have to go searching for the most updated W4 again!


·         Takes the guess work out of deciding which state W4’s need to be filled out for remote employees or additional out-of-state work sites.


·         All employee information is automatically rolled into payroll, saving time and eliminating errors.


·         New hires receive an introduction email from you that directs them to the necessary forms that need to be filled out. They can fill them out anywhere, even from their cell phone!


We are excited to continue sharing more about the isolved upgrade with you. Our next post will highlight isolved Employee Self-Service that will be included in our base offering. This feature allows you to customize it to fit your employees needs while saving your time and effort to focus on the more important tasks in your day.



Cathy Young, CPP, SPHR

President/CEO, Owner

Columbia EDP Center, Inc.

Posted Date: 2023-03-23

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