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Upcoming Upgrades!- Isolved Learn and Grow



Over the last several weeks, you have read posts about our future software upgrade and how it will streamline your payroll. Our last post included information about isolved Attract and Hire as an additional offering.


Today, we are excited to announce isolved Learn and Grow.   Learn and Grow is a Learning Management System (LMS) that you customize to fit your business needs.  Learn and Grow LMS is an additional offering that employers may choose for training purposes.


isolved Learn and Grow LMS:


·         Allows you access to isovled University course offerings and library articles designed to help you learn about isolved, payroll, benefits, and taxes.  


·         Allows you to create your own learning content tailored to your business needs. You design courses and course paths to engage your employees in learning more about your company, policies and procedures. Using quizzes and tests along the way, you can easily track an employee’s knowledge and even set up specific certifications when the employees meet their target.


·         Allows you to enhance employee engagement by utilizing a gamification system, allowing them to become competitive with each other in an effort to meet their learning targets.



Building on the LMS foundation, employers will also be able to choose to upgrade to higher level offerings called isolved SCORM Content Viewer and isolved Marketplace.


SCORM Content Viewer builds on the base LMS by adding 150 business courses that you can assign your employees. Offerings can include a variety of business skills classes such as customer service skills, workplace safety skills, and leadership management skills. As a subscriber to this offering, you are also able to upload your own SCORM content, including courses purchased from another provider to help cover your businesses specific needs.


Marketplace further builds onto the SCORM Content Viewer by offering over 80,000 additional courses covering a wide range of topics in multiple languages. Partnering with Go1 Digital Learning Platform, the Marketplace will be able to help you discover your businesses specific learning needs and provide you a quote for the number of courses you would like for a premium package. These added classes upload right into isolved University, allowing you to provide additional training to your staff without having to send your employees off-site.


We are excited to continue sharing more about the isolved upgrade with you. Our next post will highlight isolved Share and Perform as an additional offering that our clients can choose. This feature is geared to engagement management for HR including performance reviews, goal setting, rewards and recognition and so much more.   



Cathy Young, CPP, SPHR

President/CEO, Owner

Columbia EDP Center, Inc.

Posted Date: 2023-04-11

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