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Having staff is great - it means your business is growing!

However, it brings its own unique set of HR challenges to the table for you. 

You are quickly faced with the issues of employee onboarding, storing employee paperwork, tracking certifications, licenses, and employee reviews.  If that wasn't enough you also need to maintain accurate hiring records for any sort of labor audit.

You suddenly feel like you must be knowledgeable in all things HR or labor-related.

With Columbia EDP's Advanced HR information management solution we can simplify this process for you. You can track your applicants, take them from the interview to onboarding with the simple push of a button. Maintaining employee documents in one centralized location will make your life so much easier.  You can even save electronic documents or scan the paper copies and move into paperless processes, saving you time and money!

Below are only some of the advantages to Columbia EDP's HR management solution.  Read through some of the key benefits and features and when you are ready,

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Applicant Tracking

  • Define the application process the way you need it
  • Create custom applications based on positions
  • Create custom application questions
  • Track and monitor applicants progress

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Employee Onboarding

  • Bring new-hires on seamlessly
  • Automatic integration into payroll and timekeeping
  • Paperless onboarding with e-signatures
  • Monitor where new hires are at in the processĀ 
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HR Administration

  • Single Sign-On to payroll & timekeeping for all staff
  • Multi-Level access customized for your needs
  • Centralized document storage company-wide or employee-specific access
  • Track Certifications, Licenses, Reviews and more...
  • Paystub, W-2 and personal information accessible via the employee portal
  • Write your own reports

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