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The Columbia EDP Team

Chuck Caine

Owner & Founder

In 1965 I opened the doors of Columbia EDP with a heart for the small business owner, believing we could help improve their daily operations in the area of payroll and HR.  Over the last 50 years, technology has changed as well as some of the services we offer our clients.  One thing has remained the same however, our belief that businesses deserve the best customer experience we can deliver!  A strong relationship with the Lord, my wife Jeanne and my family keep me going every day. 

Cathy Young


As Chuck's daughter, I grew up with Columbia EDP as such an important part of my life and part of my family's life since I was a little girl.  To be able to lead this company and be a part of its history is amazing!  I love the wonderful employees we've had over the years, they have become like a second family to me.  I also enjoy the many different companies we've had the opportunity to work, serve and grow with over the years.  Outside of Columbia EDP, I enjoy walking (preferably on the beach!), reading inspirational books and spending time with my grandchildren.  A great cup of coffee and my favorite music usually gets me up and going every day!

Joneta Dudley


It's an honor to have been a part of Columbia EDP for over forty years.  I love the family atmosphere here and we have an excellent staff with great products to offer our clients.  My responsibilities with Columbia EDP include basic bookkeeping for our company and supporting our staff in any way I can - may even mean stocking toilet paper in the bathrooms!  I enjoy traveling and learning about new places, but my favorite vacations involve lots of sand and sun.  I am always thankful for loving family and friends and to have a fulfilling job I enjoy.

Jeff Levin

Chief of Staff

I have been with Columbia EDP for over 12 years and I've enjoyed getting to meet with our clients to talk about the unique issues they face and how we can help them simplify their lives.  Over these years learning their needs and seeking out solutions to address those needs gives me a great purpose with my work.  In my spare time, I enjoy camping and hiking in the mountains with my wife of twenty-seven years!  Good coffee, good food, good friends and good God time usually get me going in the morning!

Jim Claus, MBA


In my role as Tax Manager, I enjoy the challenges of helping our clients make the right choices to get the best benefits when it comes to payroll taxes.  I love the family environment with Columbia EDP with a unified sense of purpose to help small business owners.  In my free time, I enjoy relaxing at Table Rock Lake in our RV, hiking, watching the St. Louis  Blues and of course, the St. Louis Cardinals play!  Great coffee and Imo's pizza are two of life's greatest motivators for me!

Melissa Karotka

Sales & Marketing Manager

I love helping small business owners through payroll so they can run their business and not be stuck behind a desk.  I love seeing clients being successful and making things easier for them and I love the people I work for and with!  In my spare time, I enjoy watching my children's sporting events and juggling multiple schedules and getting everyone everywhere on time!  I also enjoy a good therapeutic workout each day to keep balance along with a few quiet moments on the front porch swing.